Children's Gardening Belts

Little Dreamer Makes have launched a selection of handmade children's garden tool belts.


Inspired to get children outdoors and connecting with nature. Designed to be worn whilst helping out with outdoor activities like planting seeds, or even collecting nature's treasures like acorns, conkers and leaves.

We have been sourcing and reclaiming denim trousers and using the material to make some versions of the belts.  Denim is a great material to use as it's robust, low maintenance and looks good! By reclaiming this material it reduces waste and is better for the environment. Compared to new denim fresh off the roll it has a softer handle and does not have the same colour run issues. 


Made from 100% cotton fabrics and available in a range of designs, a sweet addition to both boys and girls outdoor wardrobes.

Available now from our store